Sunday, May 23, 2010

Phillip Island Outing with CMYF-ians~~

On a beautiful Saturday morning
We, cmyf-ians went to Phillip Islands
We gathered at McDonalds before we departed
the journey to our destination was ooh~~
singing and lame jokes in the car~~

AND the weather was really nice~~
the scenery was also breath taking~
God's creation is just wonderful....

Our first stop, Panny's Chocolate factory
tasted some chocolates
and its NICE~~~

Then we went to the Amaze' N Things
COOL~~ is the word i could use to describe~
the illusions, mirrors, maze, prison~~
when we were in the mirrored maze,
all of us had a good laugh
i nearly hit into the mirrored walls for a few time~~
and ah Chew and Grace was making fun of Annie as well~
it was so funny~

After that, we had lunch...
Harry, Ben, Emily and me shared a flake box..
(cant remember the exact name though)
it was huge
we got our food and went to to beach and enjoyed it
it was really soothing....
1st time i sat on the grassy slope at the beach
and enjoyed our meal
we ended up feeding our left over foods to the seagulls~~

we then went to the Nobbies walkway to have a stroll
and again
it was beautiful
we grabbed some photos
and enjoyed the view

then the last thing we did was
we went to THE BEACH (Smith)
it was Mr. Jerry's and Mr. Harry's Birthday~~
and guess what..
they were thrown down by the guys~
freezing cold~~
poor guys~~

Overall it was a really an enjoyable trip
Thank God for everything He has given~


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