Monday, February 21, 2011

♥The Ten Commandments of Marriage♥

1st: Besides thy spouse, thou shall have no other mistresses.

2nd: Thou shall not worship thy spouse as idol, but shall worship God together so that thy descendents will be blessed.

3rd: Thou shall not call thy spouse names.

4th: Remember thy spouse’s birthday and keep it as a celebration day.

5th: Honor thy parents together so that thy children would learn from thy example.

6th: Thou shall not be angry till sunset but shall confess thy anger to thy spouse.

7th: Thou shall not have lusts towards others but shall be loyal to thy spouse.

8th: Thou shall not steal fame and money from thy spouse.

9th: Thou shall not cheat thy spouse but shall be honest and frank in all matters.

10th: Thou shall not covet other people’s spouses, houses, cars or anything that belongs to others but shall have contentment in joy.

By: Rev. Tie King Tai


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