Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another stop at Melbourne~~

i'm back to Melbourne
its still summer here
and it is HOT
i also feel very BORING here..
makes me miss my friends which are back home

Life back at Sibu is quite relaxing
at least i could go out with my friends anytime i like
and i really enjoy the time when i am serving at hwai ang
going to the cinema with my friends
limteh with my friends
playing L4D,Frisbee, killer game, maple, singing K...
millian, kampua, chrysanthemum tea, teh chi
gonna miss them lots...

its quite sad to hear that
2 of my close friends are going to Perth for their studies
leaving me alone here TT
but at least i still got my brother with me
and Derek who is going to take the same course as me
Thank God^^

and for those who are going for further studies
no matter where you guys are
i wish you all good luck
and God Bless You!!!

This is what i saw lately and i think it is quite meaningful



ahNiu said...

for ur good,
i will eat a lot of kampua for you^^

Anonymous said...

jasmine is not goint to perth, but RMIT!!! lolx

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