Thursday, March 25, 2010


NIce scenery from my the sky~~

Yesterday night i prepared dinner for my dear biao jie and bro~~
but it was actually my bro's turn to cook.
i helped him as he was performing at school~~
oh well...
his performance went well (according to him and a friend)
thats good for him as this is something he liked and enjoyed it~~
and yea..
we also asked michelle and joyce to come over and join us for dinner
and also to learn a dance together~~
i took like almost 2 hours for us to figure out the dance steps..
and it was TIRING...
i haven exercise since i came here..XD
Besides that, Stephanie, Jenni, Nelson, Cynthia and Xiao qian also came to visit us..
it was quite fun to have so many people at home..=D ♥
after everyone left, i did some homework and went to bed..

And this morning..
i woke up at about 9...
my bro was late for school today again...haixxxxxxx~~~
when i was getting on a tram, the door closed..
i step back...
everyone in the tram was staring at me..
but the tram was not full at all..
i thought that he will not let me get on....
luckily the driver did open the door again..
or else i need to walk to school...XD
it happen quite a few times when he picked up new passengers..
why do you have to do that???

i had lecture at 10.30 and it was a 4 hour lecture with one hour break between..
and it was boring...
we were also divided into 11 groups with 10 people in each group..
i didn't even say a word..
only the locals were talking to each other...
so i just listened to them..
hope that we will get along well and finish our assignment on time..
that's all for today~~


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