Friday, August 06, 2010

PiLot Plant

this is where i might work after i graduate
if i choose food tech as my major..
its sort of like a factory..
they have some big machines..
and some small machines and things
which we need to deal with FOOD~!
today is my first time to have a prac session there
we need to wear white overalls
OR lab coats with white gumboots
the gumboots are soooo expensive...
THEY are the 1st pair of "shoes" that i bought in Melbourne
these white, heavy gumboots...

guess what?
the first thing i did in there
was washing the bench...
my demonstrator just gave me a sponge
and ask me to do it randomly
quite unforgettable

what we did today is
learn how to distinguish fresh fish
and freezing of fish fillets
and tasting cooked fish fillets
they taste nice without salt and pepper
in conclusion:
JUICY, TENDER and FLAKY= fresh fish!!!

looking forward for the next session!!!


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