Sunday, October 03, 2010

Enchanted Garden & Mornington Beach ♥♥

Thank God
It was a great day yesterday
Nice weather at the garden
and also the lovely sun at the Beach

This time,
i went there with my dear CMYF-ians..
almost 60 people turned up~~!
and there was a total of 10 cars driving there!!!
How great is it??

The garden is such an amazing place..
it is B-E-A-UtifuL~!!
it was fun walking in the MAZE,
shouting names, walking into dead ends...
there are also aboriginal mazes, snakes and ladder, children maze, etc.....
The flowers are so pretty too!!
Loved it...XD

After that we had BBQ lunch at a beach~~
good food too...
thanks to all the sisters and brothers who went there to prepare earlier~!!

Next stop,
we went to Mornington beach with BIG tides and waves~~
had 4 games
which all of us enjoyed it ALOT~~

The last part of that day was..
getting people wet~~
Unfortunately, i was one of those unlucky girls
poured with 3 buckets of sea water..

Thanks guys...
It was great day
and Thank God for his wonderful creation♥♥♥

Quote of the day:" Penny,眼睛可以开大一点么??”

P/S: will upload photos at the next post~~=D


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