Thursday, September 17, 2009


This semester was quite a tough one for me..
At first i thought i cant handle it because i hadn't be so busy for a long long time..
At school, i have to handle 5 subjects, tests, projects, researches, etc...
Sometimes, all of them came at the same time, but sometimes i have nothing to do..
(well, not really nothing to do, juz feel free sometimes..hehe)
but anyways..I am glad that i done all my work this sem and handed them in on time..
And, I had my first solo performance in front of about 100 ++ people at federation square.
It was quite a good and unforgetable experience...Although i was very very very nervous and made a whole lot of mistakes throughout my performance, but i was so glad that i DID IT!!
My teacher was pleased with what i performed..
Thank God.
Everything turned out to be quite fine though..
My results improved alot too..that was what i didnt expected.
I really hope that i could get into the course that i really like and which suits me best so that i wont waste my time during uni..

I was happy that i had the chance to join the United in Praise concert which was organized by Australia South District Chinese Methodist Church..
Surprisingly, i had the opportunity to join the big choir and played for my church's choir as a pianist and also a keyboardist in the singsparation team..
This is the first time i was involved in such a big event.
I mean that taking part in so many positions in one go..
As i just came here for like 9 months..
I think God is preparing me to what i promised Him few years ago.
My dad is not really happy for me to get involved into too much church activites, as usual.
My mom also told me to cut down some that i wont get tired and sick all the time..
I know that they are concerned about my studies and health.
So, i am trying to work harder in my acedemic studies so that they feel more relieved.

This 2 months ....
i've been through alot of things..
and I learned alot and also gained some precious experience.
But i think that i will face even more challenges in my future.
I am glad that i get along quite well with my friends.
I also made some new friends too..
I am quite relaxed now..
Hope that everthing tomorrow goes smoothly and i am looking forward to enjoy the music that God created...
Goin to enjoy my holidays too..XD


K3nNY_Hii said...

penelope good luck ya~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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