Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy day~~

what a busy day today...
i havent been so busy in ages..
I went to get my Yayasan scholarship today..
the principal took all of our money and asked to go to school on Monday to get it back..
What a waste of time...
In the afternoon,
i attended the graduation ceremony of the 4th short term missionary for uni students..
i played for the choir as a pianist...
Thank God that everything went smoothly and these students learned so much from this short course..
and tonight, i went to youth fellowship..(as usual)
they celebrated Birthday today and i really enjoyed it..
and i followd them to limteh...
It was quite an enjoyable time...
besides that, my buddies are all goin out for studies..
i'm gonna miss them for sure..
I think i should call this a day..
fell quite exhausted and i think i'm gonna have a mental break down..


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