Monday, June 29, 2009

tireD and exhausted~~

I've been quite busy for the past 3 days..
i miss my sleep....
you can now call me a pig~~lolz..
anyway, i managed to loose some weight during these 3 weeks..
something really stupid happened to me today..
my only shoe was broken when i need them during my service today..
i have no choice but to wear my mum's shoe.. was broken too when i reached my church..
I was so NOT happy with it...
but luckily it wasn't that bad as i felt more comfortable in church..

The message brought by Rev. Su today was very helpful to me..
I know more about Theology which stands for 神的道/学问..
Besides that, it is a knowledge for everyone to learn..
If I got the chance, i would really like to join a short term mission..
especially the one which is going to start next year, music short term mission~~
BUt, i think i could only join it after Uni, as my dad will not like it...
I am glad that i didn't missed the junior fellowship this afternoon..
I learned and thought alot about what ah dao said today..

Anyway, I really do need to start practising my piano or else i don't know what will happen when i start school...*dead*
So lazy after coming back here..

p/s: I had a great time celebrating my dad's birthday today with my family at BBQ House~~~~


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